Backlog Break – 003 – Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (PS5)

Time Completed: 3:12:15

I had already played through and reviewed Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite back during its release. It was a solid fighting engine and a good time with others, but died a death in the competitive scene. I thought the story mode then was serviceable enough. This time though, not so much.

Before playing, my PS5 alerted me that I had a patch to download, which I thought was all done with the night I installed the game. I cancelled out because it was like 12GB in size. Little did I realize, that patch was part of what Capcom did to make certain elements look better (mainly giving Chun-Li eyebrows and a face that wasn’t melting). Playing through that story mode again though, it was tacky, poorly voiced and kind of a drag, even though it was like three hours long.

The fighting engine though, I still feel is rather solid. Sure, there are some massively broken aspects, such as Dante’s pinning players in a corner with his super while the partner tags in and basically tries to cross you over/low attack you until you slip up, as well as some Dormammu shenanigans, but discounting that, it’s still a blast to play.

It’s just a shame that Capcom did Jack Diddly to support the game beyond that first tournament. Not even EVO picked it up in any official capacity. It’s really a shame too, because Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite really is an enjoyable brawler. It wouldn’t have been a ten year king like MVC2, or even half of what UMVC3 was, but it deserved a lot more tournament time than it got. I’m happy to have played this once more, although that story mode….woof.

Rating: 7


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