The Prolonged Delay of 365-2

I’ve actually been making decent strides in getting 365-2 put together, and having a damn fine time working on it, so it can be a bit jarring to see that I am going to cancel the start of this out of 2022.

One of the primary reasons is, although I should have enough time, there’s a bit of a dissatisfaction with the work I’ve produced so far. A lot more reviews are Power Paragraph than I had hoped on the first 50+ that I’ve completed, although in doing that it would have opened me up to be able to spend more time on longer games and be able to do long form reviews on them. When I sit back and take a look at the trajectory of the project, with what is done now, I could still see myself making things work out properly, but at a cost to my own perception of quality.

I think what I’m going to do is just work on this even still as time passes, and just amass reviews. Sometime next year I’ll take a look at what I have done and see how I can make it better, and then from there plan accordingly. That way I definitely have the luxury of time on my side, and I can try and mold it to having less paragraph reviews and at least have them in a Quickie fashion.

I don’t want to put out a subpar project, and the older I’ve become, the more anal I am with my work as well. Even after I release something, most times I find something I could have done better, but that’s a good thing to recognize where you could do better. With 365 reviews, and being a lot more anal than I was 10+ years ago, I want to make sure this works out the right way, and I don’t feel confidant enough in that I’ll get this done to a higher standard that I try to put myself towards. I also don’t want to start out with the feeling of a lowered quality product, and then steadily raise the bar and do better and better.

This is also not to mention other writing that I have to work on, and just other stuff in general. Again, I know I am capable of pulling this off – I just don’t think the quality of the work will be where it should be, and I’m not willing to accept anything other than a high standard. A big problem that I have in general though, is the feeling that I need to take on projects with a scope of grandeur to have more reasons to keep writing, instead of just letting things come to me, or things popping up. After had several bouts where I just stopped writing for one reason or another, for a multitude of reasons that were usually out of my control, so I feel like I am always trying to pin myself down on something so I always have something to produce. In the long run, that might not be the best approach.

So as much as it really does pain me to do it, I’m going to pull back on 365-2 and put it off, and hopefully in the meantime, I’ll have put together a lot more reviews, PP or not, and can work on fleshing them out throughout next year. From there we’ll hopefully be in a better position to pull the trigger on this.

This kind of throws off DreamcastMania as well, as I usually like to get a review out when I beat the game. Now I’m going to have to sit on it for well over a year if we follow this path. This also throws the 365-2 companion streams into its own loop, playing games I’ll be reviewing next year. I may keep going with that really. It keeps me going on this project. If anything the latter stream project would pan out well since unlike the Dreamcast reviews, I could delay the others and not feel like a major piece of my streams has been truncated.

Regardless of where any project goes, I’m still going to be adding content as time passes here on Galarian Gaming. It’s a bummer that I’ve reached this decision, but I honestly feel that it is for the better. The idea seemed spur of the moment, and in some ways it was, but I as prepared for it. I just want to be sure that I am putting out something I will be proud of. If it takes a lot longer to get off the ground, so be it.

Keep checking back here and checking my Twitter feed for more updates! I should have something coming along soonish!


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