Summertime Streaming

For the majority of the last two months, I’ve held a very inconsistent streaming schedule, one that has gone against an established schedule that I gave myself. There’s been a myriad of reasons as to why this is so, although one reason has begun to overwhelmingly be why I do not stream a night that I have scheduled – heat.

Summertime is notoriously inhibiting to productivity on my part, when it comes to doing anything at home for stretches at a time. I don’t have an AC, and the ventilation I have when I stream doesn’t really exist. I have two fans, one I just bought a few months ago in an effort to combat the oppressive heat during this time of year, and with a number of annoyingly warm days before summer even hit, I could see that this is going to be yet another brutal summer.

Because it does get as boiling hot as it does during the summer, it affects me in many ways, and makes things uncomfortable. Streaming in such conditions is an absolute no-go; I have tried before, and it’s draining in such a way that it makes the experience unpleasant. I live in NYC, and for the majority of each summer, temperatures range from the low 80’s to 100’s, and almost any day that it’s above 80 degrees outside, inside it feels like hell on earth some days.

So this is an official notice and confirmation on there being a severe lack of streams for the next couple of months. I will do my best to get some streams in when I don’t feel like I am roasting from the inside out, and try to maximize as much time as I can from each stream day.

Once we hit fall, and especially winter (where comfort levels from the weather is way more manageable and tolerable), there should be a big spike in the number of streams per week. Until then though, there likely will not be too many streams from this moment, on through to late August/early September.

With the lull, I am looking at attempting to get a lot more work done on The Galarian Chronicles. It’s much easier to sit here and type and get up every so often to get out of the heat, than it is to sit here, play a game, stream, be an inviting host, and in a good mood. In that time as well I’m going to work on seeing what has worked with streaming, and what hasn’t, and adjust what I need to adjust. Each gameplay scene for each project is finally in a place where I feel satisfied with it, although there are other things here and there that I know I can make better, and I am looking forward to doing that during this hellacious heat this summer.

So this isn’t goodbye, and honestly, it’s not even see you later either. I just need to make sure I am comfortable doing whatever it is I do, with the obstacles in front of me. I want to make sure I get some streams going throughout the summer here and there, but at the same time, I need to make sure things line up properly. But thankfully I should be feeling productive nonetheless, just in other areas.


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