PSX Mania – 036 – Disney’s The Little Mermaid II (2000)

Completion time: 1:21:36

Had I been a 7 year old girl, I would have thoroughly enjoyed Disney’s The Little Mermaid II. That is the obvious targeted demographic for this one, and you know what? It nails that niche very well.

This is more or less one of the games you should consider giving to a young girl who you want to try to get into video games. The difficulty is so lax that it’s next to impossible to lose a life. Hell, it took a significant amount of effort to even lose any kind of health outside of the final battle. The controls (outside the somewhat stiff on foot portions of the game, which were about 20% of the experience) were responsive enough and wouldn’t be something a child would fight with. Visually, it serves its purpose, although it’s not the greatest looking title. Hell, the audio, from the music to the voice acting (though some of those sequel voice actors were pretty bogus), was serviceable enough to work with what the game was intending.

Honestly, this has been one of the most inoffensive titles we’ve seen in PSX Mania thus far. I get that Disney’s The Little Mermaid II caters to a very specific clientele, and it succeeds in what it set out for. Unlike Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It, the target audience is going to find value in this. The brevity doesn’t matter much either, as this is as good of an example as you can get for a game targeted for brand new gamer girls (or boy really). Do you have a child under 8 that you want to try to get into video gaming? Buy this game, and with a little bit of coaching, I can see them having a blast with it.

Otherwise, don’t even bother. It has a very specific targeted audience, but at least it delivers on what it sets out to do.

Rating: 7

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