Quick PSX Mania Update


As you can see, there hasn’t been an update to PSX Mania since I completed Chrono Cross. The next game up is Madden NFL 2000 (which shouldn’t take a week to complete), however a couple of things have popped up since the completion of the seventh game in this challenge. One had to do with taking care of a couple of outside elements that caused some interference. The other though, sucks more. On Friday I experienced some of the worst carpel tunnel I have experienced in ten years, to the point where touching one area of my right wrist sent shockwaves of pain through my arm and body. In the two days that followed, the severity dipped significantly, but I can feel soreness even when performing light typing.

I ordered a carpel tunnel wrist brace thingie, and boy is it awkward to do anything with it on. Using a mouse becomes more difficult, typing is a chore, and having a controller in my hand feels off. Nonetheless, I am doing what I can to limit the use of my right hand/wrist. I do plan on getting streams going again sometime this week though, as I don’t want to have too big of a break, but at the same time, I don’t ever want a flare up of that magnitude ever again.

Check back this week for the continuation of PSX Mania, in one way or another. Since Madden NFL 2000 does not have a playoff mode, I will be foregoing the season mode and just jump into one exhibition game “completing” the playthrough. There’s already too many sports games, and I do not plan on spending more time on them than I need. Sports are the only real consistent instances of which “any % any difficulty” comes into play for the project.

Hope to see you all again this week on Twitch!


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