FAQ: 280 Character Game Reviews

This is the FAQ for my new project: @280CharReviews on Twitter – the Twitter handle that reviews video games (and more?) in 280 characters or less:

What is a 280 character game review?

Twitter has finally raised the character limit of tweets to 280, double its former total. With that much more real estate to work with, I decided to go ahead and do something that I attempted to do with the old format, but felt too constricted – produce gaming reviews that conform to the new Twitter character limitations.

Why would you do such a thing? Are you loco?


Oh, I’ve wanted to give myself a challenge, while stimulating the creativity side of my writing. Trying to configure a video game review with that character limitation is something that will definitely push me to think outside of the box and deliver reviews in a way that not many have ever tried to focus upon.

Will these supplement or replace any future reviews you write?

My plans are not overly ambitious really; while I can and may provide a 280 character version of an existing or upcoming review, I will also deliver a good number of reviews without a full review attached. The ones without a longform review will be of some games I’ve always wanted to rate and review, but do not have the time to sit down to be overly descriptive.

What is the point of taking on such a task?

Time is money. We all don’t have the luxury of sitting down and reading 1000+ word reviews, nor does every single person out there want to sit through and watch/listen to an audio/video review. 280 character reviews aim to be as concise as possible, with the reader knowing enough and exactly of what needs to be known.

Are you using the same review scale you use currently for your regular reviews?

Yes, with one caveat to “cheat the system”. Each 280 character review will not have the rating in text, but rather a jpeg uploaded along with the review. That was I am basically saving 10-12 characters.

What will be the frequency of these 280 character reviews?

That’s up in the air right now. There will be a certain form of consistency, as I want this to become a long running series with no end in sight. Once I get the rhythm down, I can lay claim to the number of 280 character reviews I can produce a week. I definitely will dig through the archives of mine and utilize old reviews from the past and either make a 280 character review off that, or repost said old review and then the 280 character version.

Any plans on reviewing other forms of media outside of video games?

I have thoughts in my head of doing such a thing, but right now I want to get the video game portion nailed down first and foremost.

Check out @280CharReviews on Twitter at https://twitter.com/280CharReviews – give it a follow, share it around, and come join in on the next big thing in game reviews!


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