Lots of Old Content Incoming

I’ve mentioned how I used to write for a website called Chocolate Lemon. Unfortunately the site is no longer available, so I’ve lost literally hundreds of pieces of work.


Through the magic of http://archive.org I have been able to slowly recover a modest number of what I thought was lost forever. While I did have text backups for most everything I have written over the last eight or so years, many edits and revisions were done after the fact on WordPress, and saved there.

I’m going to try and get a bunch of these up throughout the next few weeks leading into e3. I already have an old review of the Xbox 360 stinker Mindjack uploaded here. One thing I wish I could get back all of is my 365//365 project, where I reviewed one game every day of 2010. I was actually thinking of doing a second part to it several years ago and trying to get some kind of Kickstarter or IndieGogo or something going for it, but the time was not right. I’d love to do one now but there’s just not enough free time for a project with such a scope.

So expect to see a lot of reviews and editorials from my past pop up here, mostly some of my old favorites. Hopefully I’ll be able to recover more and more pieces of work from years back. Two of my favorites are coming up this weekend as my free time allows.

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I've been writing about gaming off and on since 1998, and a gamer since 1983. After an extended hiatus (and then a hiatus on top of the hiatus), I've decided to open up my own Wordpress site and get back to what's felt like my lifelong passion - writing about anything and everything gaming related. I'm always looking for new opportunities to extend my reach and share my work. If you like what you see, please email me at galariandotcom@gmail.com

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