Review Scale

I’ll be putting a hefty number of reviews on this site as time passes. With those reviews come scores. The whole concept of a rating to a review has been so misconstrued over the years; anything below 8, or even 9 to some, means the game “sucks” to many of the gamers reading the review, and borderline mediocre from the writers.

I’ve always used a 0-10 point scale and believed that 5 is middle ground “average”. I also use score in a .1 scale, because it humors me when people wonder why something received a 8.9 and not a 9.0, or some other completely obtuse and overthought concern. Well, not really cause it’s humorous, but it’s something I’ve always done. Don’t get me wrong – I want everyone to feel strongly for or against whatever subject matter is at hand, but give more care and consideration for the whole body of work and not the numbers attached to it.

Then again, this comes from the guy that game The Crow: City of Angels for the Sony PlayStation a negative 2.5 and consider it the worst game I have ever played.

In terms of ratings, I will be keeping the same aforementioned scoring table for overall rating. I’m not going to go into each category and give a number rating for that, because that’s more work than needs to be done. And no, a 10 doesn’t mean a perfect game. The highest ratings I can recall giving a game were a pair of 9.8’s to Final Fantasy III and Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2. Hopefully I can recover those in due time.

I don’t ask that you all agree with me all the time; I would like you all to just respect the viewpoints given and all of the reasons I’ve given for rating it as such. I invite everyone to share their views and whether they compare or contrast with mine, in a respectful manner.